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Fall Into Fitness

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The leaves change color, the air turns crisp, and the sun still shines. This time of year also reflects the transition from whimsical, nonexistent schedules to a more routine lifestyle with shorter days to get everything done. These changes can set you up for failure when it comes to staying consistent with a workout routine if you don’t plan ahead. Here are 5 fall fitness tips to keep you on track as the weather gets cooler!

  1. Stay Accountable

Lock in your workout schedule with your exercise buddy! Keeping yourself accountable by having a second person to do things with is a great way to continue your workout plans uninterrupted. When life gets busy, you’ll be thankful you have someone to encourage you to keep going.

  1. Treat Yourself to Some New Gear

Be ready for the change in weather with the appropriate gear. Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you have to head inside. Buy yourself a new sweatshirt or pair of running tights to ring in the colder weather. This little treat to yourself will make it fun to get bundled in the colder mornings and evenings. Having appropriate layers with waterproof and reflective gear helps you stay warm, dry, and safe when you’re outside for your workout.

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  1. Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to forget to drink water when it is not as warm outside, but this is dangerous to your health and longevity. Make sure you plan ahead and have your water ready. It really is ideal to drink water all day long to stay hydrated, not just before and/or during your workout. An easy thing to do is to keep a water bottle with you at all times. You’ll likely sip throughout the day without even noticing until your bottle is empty and ready for a refill.

  1. Try Something New

If inclement weather is a deterrent for you, this is a great opportunity to try a new yoga class or hit the gym. Try to schedule a consistent class or workout the same days of the week to build a routine. If you know that self-scheduling won’t work out, sign up for that class you’ve been eyeing. You won’t be responsible for keeping to a self-made routine, and other classmates will notice if you don’t show up. It’s the perfect way to stay consistent in your fall fitness routine.

  1. Sign Up for a Special Event

Stay motivated by signing up for or attending a local event! What’s happening in your local area? What events are you interested in?

Fall can be such a fun and exciting time to exercise and participate in community events. Don’t let the change in season throw you off your work out game. Make a fall fitness plan and get out there!

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