Movement is central to a healthy life.  When your movement is impaired, your life is affected.  Physical therapy can help you recover faster and stronger after an injury or illness than simply rest alone.

In addition to speeding and enhancing recovery time, physical therapy can also help to insure your ability to move remains as strong as possible throughout your life by utilizing preventative measures, exercises, and techniques.

Idaho Physical Therapy offers many rehabilitative services, including:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sports Medicine Services
  • Wellness Program

Physical Therapy

At Idaho Physical Therapy, we seek to coordinate and utilize both knowledge and skill as they relate to individuals with impaired ability to function due to disease or injury. Physical therapy procedures maintain, improve, or even restart neuromuscular/skeletal functions in every patient, regardless of age.

Physical therapy encompasses two main areas of emphasis:

    1. Evaluation and testing of muscles, nerves, joints, and functional abilities, including balance, transfers, and ambulation. Rehabilitation goals are accomplished through daily treatment programs, done either at home or in the clinic.
    2. Various treatment procedures include therapeutic exercises, functional training, gait training, prosthetic and orthotic training, therapeutic modalities, and manual therapy.

Our physical therapists instruct patients in a variety of exercise programs aimed at improving or regaining lost range of motion, strength, and coordination. In addition, our therapists educate every patient in proper body mechanics for their home, work place, and/or sport. Patient education is the most important element of our physical therapy services, and we highly emphasize it in all our treatment programs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is a medically prescribed treatment for individuals whose ability to function independently has been either reduced or permanently lost due to illness or injury. With a unique combination of medical and behavioral services, occupational therapists can assist people in developing the skills needed to achieve their personal independence. The special contribution of the occupational therapist is to analyze the effects of disability or developmental delay on the future of the adult or child. Programs are then designed to provide therapy either directly to the client or through the involvement of other agencies.

Sports Medicine Services

Our sports medicine professionals use a team approach in providing medical coverage to athletes of all ages, levels, and abilities. These services are provided before, during, and after athletic events, both at the location of competition and in our clinics.

If you’re an athlete interested in improving your competitive edge, schedule an appointment with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Our expert CSCS will help craft a personalized exercise and strengthening program geared specifically for you and your sport.

Community Education & Wellness Program

Along with participating physicians, our employees have developed several programs focusing on fitness, flexibility, sports conditioning, fibromyalgia management, pulmonary rehab, fall risk prevention, etc. These programs provide a benefit to our community in addition to bringing promotional attention to our company and the program’s other participants.

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