What do physical therapists treat?

Our physical therapists treat a wide range of conditions, including joint pain, back and neck pain, nerve pain, headaches, sports injuries, overuse injuries, post-operative rehabilitation, pregnancy pain, arthritis, and many other conditions. We also offer education in work place ergonomics, lifting techniques, proper posture, strength and conditioning, and community wellness, as well as free fall-risk assessments. Visit our “What Hurts?” section for more information.

Why should I choose physical therapy over other types of treatment?

Physical therapy utilizes a non-invasive, proactive approach to rehabilitation. We treat the source of your problem rather than simply masking your symptoms with medication or injections.

Physical therapy can be used as a primary treatment (such as with a sprained ankle) or as a supplemental treatment (such as physical therapy to speed recovery after surgery). We actively work with your doctor to create the best possible treatment program for your individual situation.

And although it may sound strange, we don’t want to treat you forever! Your recovery is our primary goal, so instead of pressuring you to attend endless treatment sessions and reevaluations, we will help you get out of our clinics and back to your life as fast as possible. In addition, we won’t just treat your current condition, we’ll teach you how to help prevent future problems so that you can take charge of your health.

What will I be doing in physical therapy?

Moving! A typical session of physical therapy involves a short, low-intensity warm-up (such as riding a stationary bike, walking on a treadmill, etc.), followed by various exercises and stretches designed to improve flexibility, strength, stability, coordination, and overall functionality. Your appointment will then typically finish with therapist-guided stretching, massage, or manual therapy, followed by heat or ice therapy and electrical stimulation therapy.

All treatment sessions are designed with the patient’s condition and capabilities in mind. Although we always encourage our patients to work towards improvement, we won’t give you exercises that are not appropriate for your physical abilities.

Is physical therapy painful?

Pain is almost always a natural part of the body’s healing process – with or without physical therapy. Because physical therapy promotes faster, more complete recovery, patients may experience some discomfort. Your physical therapist will monitor your pain and symptoms throughout your rehabilitation as they are key indicators of your improvement; little or no pain means that it’s okay to progress, but too much pain is a sign to slow down. And of course, our ultimate goal is your return to pain-free function.

How long will I be in physical therapy?

That depends on what you are being treated for. In general, the longer you have had the condition, the longer it takes for the body to recover from it. Acute (short term) conditions will heal much faster than chronic (long term) ones. The duration of your time in physical therapy also depends on how much you put into it; greater effort will yield greater rewards.

But be assured – we won’t keep you any longer than you need. We may love what we do, but we don’t want to treat you forever. We want you to get better so that you don’t need us anymore.

Do I need a prescription for physical therapy?

No, we accept walk-ins with as much enthusiasm as we accept physician referrals!

Do I have to go where my doctor tells me for physical therapy?

No! Physical therapy is a prescription item. Just like when you take your medication prescription to the pharmacist of your choice, you may take your physical therapy prescription to the therapist of your choice.

When choosing a physical therapist, it is important to choose one who will spend a good amount of one-on-one time with you.  You will want a therapist who will be available to answer all your questions, take the time to make a correct diagnosis, work with you to formulate the best plan for your recovery, and teach you what measures to take to help prevent reoccurrences and future injuries.

Idaho Physical Therapy is the Treasure Valley’s oldest private physical therapy practice.  We are locally and independently owned and operated, and with over 20 years of experience, you can be sure our staff of experts will give you the very best care possible.

What types of insurance do you accept?

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, True Blue, and nearly every other private insurance, as well as workers’ compensation. And because we know it can be a hassle to deal with insurance, we will call your insurance company for you and then bill them directly so that you don’t have to worry about the details. That way, you can focus on getting better.

What if I have more questions?

Please visit our Contact page.

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