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2013 India: Part 1

By the time you read this, Bette and I will have been traveling for an entire day (and probably be suffering from a severe case of “flat butt”). We’re embarking on our 5th medical missions trip with Chapel Missions India!

For the next 16 days, we will be traveling to India, working with lepers at the Scheffelin Leprosy Institute & Research Center, hosting medical camps for AIDS patients and people living in slums without access to a doctor, visiting the Home of Hope orphanage, and traveling to parts of India we’ve never seen before (northern areas around Calcutta and Bangladesh). We don’t know if or how the recent cyclone in India will affect how we’re able to operate the medical camps – or if it will change the demand for our services – but we figure as long as the airport is still there, we’ll be able to land and get started 🙂

I will post in more detail when we return. Sorry for the brevity, but even after five trips, some things never change (such as the last minute packing flurry). Now if I can only find my neck pillow…

– Alan

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